training-my-dragon asked:
Can you show me what 'fern' is In gallifreyan? I want it as a tattoo and I'm scared I'll get it wrong :/

tu-cara asked:
Can u please do my name in the language for my birthday ? Its Vanessa

there you go, happy birthday!

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nice-books-you-got-there asked:
How do you know the language so well? Did you read it in a book or was it something you figured out?

this website and lots of practice!

sarah-smiles-hardcore asked:
Have you thought of doing a FOB CG quote for each album? have you thought of doing CG quote of your fave bands?

whatacatchdean has done FOB quotes before. They’re all here. She might also do more in the future, I think. Thanks for your suggestion!

This is my design.


"The universe is vast. You are also vast. So is an ant. There are different sizes of infinity.

—Welcome to Night Vale

tabikittie asked:
How to you spell Gallifrey in Gallifrayan???

fallentimelady » whatacatchdean

wholockedcumberwumber asked:
i wish i could draw ciurcles because i;ve been wiating for someone to write a gallifreyan alphabet so i could make a banner with my name "Melissa" in galliifreyan/

You could always try tracing something circular (cups, plates, etc.) or using a compass. Or you could do it digitally, using Paint or Open Office Draw like I do or Inkscape like fallentimelady. or you can request it and we’ll make it for you :) if you specify colors or patterns etc. we could make a pretty banner

heplayedwithfire asked:
Hey just discovered gallifrey today and found your block, don't watch doctor who but want to start ASAP. Just wondering what you use to draw all your stuff and if you've found any other pictorial based languages/codes like this.

I use ms paint for simple stuff and inkscape for edits and I believe waging-time-wars uses open office and gimp. We use Sherman’s Gallifreyan, but there is also Doctor’s Cot and Clockwork Gallifreyan.